Monday, July 19, 2010

Top Reasons Why You Should or Should Not Hire a Wedding Consultant

Hiring a wedding consultant used to be something that only very wealthy couples did. But today's busy couples know that the right wedding consultant can not only save you stress and aggravation, but also save you money. If you're even vaguely considering hiring a wedding consultant you should decide that first. The more involved in your wedding the consultant is, the more likely it is that she can save you money and hassle.

So for the many brides who are tossing around the idea of “I do" or "I don't"  need to hire a wedding planner?” Here are two funny but true answers to your questions. I stumbled across this a couple of years ago. Since that day, I now have these printed and included in my bridal packets.

Top Reasons You Should Hire a Wedding Consultant by Amy Marvin

# 1 - Consultations: Most consultants do not charge for an initial client consultation. Give them a call to see how they can help! You don’t lose anything; if anything you gain some ideas and maybe an advocate for planning your big day.

#2 - Services: Consultants will share with you their “menu” of services. It can be “Full-Service” or anything from initial planning of your theme or colors, to assisting you with drafting a budget, and of course the “day of” service, so you and your family & friends can fully enjoy your wedding day.

#3 - Budget: An extension of the services menu is budget. To stay within your monetary boundaries, consultants will work with you to best meet your goals and hopefully get the most “bang” for your buck.

# 4 - Resources: Why go all around town, making your head spin when you can tap into your wedding consultant for vendor recommendations. Not too impressed by their list, or looking for something different? —Your consultant will make every effort to help you find it.

# 5 - Theme: You have likely spent your entire life up to this point, envisioning the perfect wedding with that special someone. Your consultant can help you fill in the gaps by providing some ideas that you may not have thought of, and take your dream wedding “to the next level”.

#6 - Organizational Skills: I have yet to meet a consultant who didn’t possess some level of amazing organizational skills. You’ll want someone to keep you on task…planning a wedding is no easy feat, especially if you are organizationally challenged.

#7 - Time Management: Let’s face it. Who has extra time anymore? Yeah, you’re getting married, but you’re probably also working, or going to school, or both—and more! Your consultant can save you precious time by making the phone calls, coordinating meetings, drafting contracts, etc.

#8 - Guest Care & Accommodations: Your consultant can help you with your out of town guests. Details such as travel, car rental, entertainment, and hotel accommodations will be helpful to your weary traveling guests.

#9 - Worry-Free Wedding Day: Did I mention “Day-Of” services? Believe me when I say that you need to be free of the nagging details of hosting a major event. You are the bride, you should be primping, preening, and gazing into the eyes of your new spouse, not directing the caterers to take out the trash or reminding the guest book girl to keep her feet off the table.

#10 - SANITY: And the number one reason again? Keep your sanity, and enjoy the process of planning a wedding. Your wedding consultant will be there every step of the way, and provide you the joy you deserve at this special time in your life…. who knows, you’ll likely end up with another best friend!

Top Reasons You Should Not Hire a Wedding Consultant – Carol Botthe

# 1 - Control: You want to control everything. You are the type A person that thinks everyone will mess it up if you leave the job to anyone else to plan or manage. It doesn’t matter that you will be worried at the reception that the cake is not being cut at the right time or that the DJ is taking too long on his break. You need to have your hand on the pulse of the wedding.

#2 – Interview Vendors: You want to interview all the wedding vendors. You have tons of extra time in your life to call many vendors and determine if they fall in your price range, are available on the date that you want, might have the items that you need, and will work with the style of your wedding. You are all about spending every weekend planning the wedding. You just love the thought of sitting in traffic or getting lost trying locating the best vendors in town.

#3 – Tons of Free Time: You want to spend the morning of your wedding setting up the reception area. You don’t really want to spend the morning of your wedding relaxing, getting your hair done, making sure you look rested and having fun seeing family and friends that are in town to see you. Instead you are going for the lack of sleep, over stressed, bridezilla look for the wedding. You don’t want to socialize with your guests but instead want to manage and coordinate all your vendors. You are all about timelines and will be watching the clock every second on your wedding day to make sure everything stay right on schedule. No extra kisses for the groom because you are running late to toss the bouquet.

# 4 - Resourceful: You know exactly where to find those cute little wedding favors that everyone is talking about. You are an expert with vendors and know how to save money on the purchase wedding items. You also have the time to put them the favors together and make sure they get to the reception site and get set out beautifully.

# 5 – Expert Wedding Consultant: You’ve helped your sister, cousin, friend, aunt, neighbor, etc plan their weddings. The only difference is this wedding is yours. You have a huge emotional investment on this one day, but you are willing to take the emotion out of purchases when a vendor is trying to up-sell you something that is totally useless.

#6 – Contract Guru: You know how to look for something strange in a contract. You’ve looked at wedding contract before and know what is standard in the industry and what is just plain false. You are a great negotiator and knowledgeable about the areas you can ask for a discount price or reduced fee. Attrition is your new contract friend.

No matter if your answer is “I do” or “I don’t” need a wedding consultant, when it comes to planning a wedding or event, think “Dollars and Sense.” A wedding consultant is part of your budget and not an extra expense.